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An Entrepreneur is Born!

Do you need flexibility to raise your children and income for the family budget? Tired of saying "No" to your family because of finances? Do you desire more out of your life? Thirty five millionaire moms share their secrets on how to:

  • Leverage resources to finance a business.
  • Tame your day in order to juggle business and family life.
  • Gain business advice and learn what successful millionaire moms wished they had known when they started their companies.
  • Realize why it’s critical to be financially independent, even if happily married.
  • Determine your motivation for starting a business in the first place.
  • Conquer fear and master the little voice in your head.
  • Master key personality traits necessary to create a successful business and home.
  • Strategize your plan for an exciting future!

Is it possible for an average woman to be a prosperous business woman and an outstanding mom at the same time? The answer is YES! Enter the exciting world of millionaire moms and prepare to create your ideal life. Not only will you be inspired by these women’s experiences, you will be equipped to move forward toward your dream life.

Joyce Bone is a nationally recognized expert in entrepreneurship and founder of At the age of 28 she went from stay-at-home mom to cofounder of a $125 million dollar publicly traded company, with only a $10,000.00 investment. Read Millionaire Moms to follow her path of success!

Read what successful people thought about Joyce's new book ...

"This book is uplifting, inspiring and full of wonderful ideas and insights to enable you to realize more and more of your true potential - in every area."
- Brian Tracy, Author, The Way to Wealth

"Millionaire Moms is dedicated to helping all women achieve their dreams. Joyce Bone is passionate about helping you find your inner hero!"
- Chilli Thomas, Grammy-Winning Singer, Actress & Entrepreneur

"With this new book, Joyce has skillfully drawn on her personal experiences both as a mother and an entrepreneur to document the stories of a new breed of 'Millionaire Mom.' Through a series of very engaging autobiographical essays written by women who have run the gamut of entrepreneurial successes-and failures-Joyce generously imparts to her reader one of the most valuable lessons that we as entrepreneurs must all accept to survive: You learn from experience. And you must never stop learning. Great read!"
- Fran Tarkenton, CEO, Tarkenton Co. NFL Hall of Fame, Minnesota Vikings & NY Giants

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