I am in that “sweet spot” age wise where it comes to technology. I am not a technology native like my children but am young enough to embrace all the Internet has to offer. I love social media. I have made real friends with people I met on Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, Linkedin, etc. I like the reach it represents. I’ve even sent my son emails via Facebook because I knew he’d see it there.

Distraction. Wow! This one messes everyone up including me. It is a daily challenge to stay sharp and focused on the CRTITICAL actions that will drive our businesses and our lives. Parents especially can relate to what I am talking about…an email from your child’s school saying their lunch account needs replenishing and BAM! Off you go refilling balances instead of making the sales call that can significantly add to your bottom line.

I would like everyone to watch this trailer made by Donna Sirianni. She is a Millionaire Moms member and a shining example of the quality of women in our network. We believe anything is possible if you are a determined cookie! :)

Donna shares the journey towards her dreams and encourages the viewer to strive for theirs.

Alice in Wonderland asked the Cheshire cat “Do I go left or right?” when confronted with a fork in the road she was unfamiliar with. The big, smiling cat asked a poignant question back, “Where are you going?” Alice replies, “I don’t know.” The cat answers in return, “Well, then take either road.”

How are you going to get where you want to be if you aren’t brave enough to ask for what you want? It’s really that simple. Chicken feathers get you no where. You have to be willing to stick your neck out.

I am friends with Carla Bernberg of MizFitOnline. During a conversation we had recently she told me she had interviewed Tony Hsieh. I say, “THE Tony Hsieh? The CEO of Zappos??” She said “Yes, I was curious about his work outs.”

This morning my 6 year old cried because he has a slight sunburn on one shoulder.  This didn’t sit well with him. He wanted to know why the sun “bit him”? I scooped him up and we sat together on the couch. He snuggled up. I calmed him down. We sat arms around each other.

I use this line on my husband a lot. He is a worrier. I tweeted this tonight (for the uninitiated that’s what you do on the social network “Twitter”). It was on my mind because I was reflecting on how it resonated with the entrepreneurial women in attendance for a speech I gave at the Cobb Galleria “Work From Home” summit on overcoming fear.

Companies of all sizes depend on marketing strategies to help build brand awareness and name recognition.  Marketing is the means through which companies create programs that align with customer preferences and competitor awareness.  To hit the high points, strategies include advertising/PR, product development, pricing strategies, target market development, and competitive analysis.

Prairie Dog Vs. Kung Fu Baby

Sometimes you just need to lighten up!

I’m pulling my “Kiss Me I’m 100% Irish” button out and wearing it proudly today in honor of my Grandparents who immigrated through Ellis Island. They were around the age of 15 years old when they came over. Could you imagine shipping off a modern day 15 year old and saying “best of luck to you-you’re on your own now”? Somehow they all survived and thrived. Their offspring have flourished by and large. What an accomplishment!