What is the key to work and family balance?

For those who don’t know what to do with Linkedin, this video does a nice job of explaining the benefits of this social network:

I saw this line today, “Well, nobody’s perfect!” -Joe E. Brown (Some Like It Hot). It reminded me of what a Priest said to me once in confession. I was pouring my heart out about what a horrible person I was. He popped his head around the privacy screen and he said, “You know what young lady, you aren’t a horrible person, you are actually quite likeable-you are sincere and earnest. What you need to do is “Lighten up!” I was shocked. Lighten up? Really? You could do that? I took his advice.

Here’s a quick video to help you get creative in your marketing efforts!

Out of the mouths of babes! Let’s strive to be this enthusiastic and grateful. Just being alive and healthy is a huge gift-everything else is icing!

“Creation is always happening. Every time an individual holds onto a thought or a prolonged chronic way of thinking, they’re in the creative process. Something is going to manifest out of that.” – Rev Michael Beckwith

Here’s an exercise to help you identify the beliefs that you should consider altering:

- Allow yourself the freedom to examine and question
every belief you currently hold about yourself.

If you want to be more successful in all you do, incorporate these words into your day to day: focus, flexibility, fast and friendly. These are key traits to accomplishing more and to keeping frustration to a minimum.

Do you have a mentor right under your nose and don’t recognize it? Step back, take a look around. Who in your world has successfully accomplished what you seek to do? It can even be a virtual mentor, someone you observe from afar. I do this all the time. I have a short list of people I admire. I read everything they write, buy their books and products. I don’t try to dominate anyone’s time. I proactively absorb all I can virtually. Sometimes I ultimately get to meet my role models and sometimes they don’t know I exist.